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forget my name forget my face

-Name: Miri
-Age: 16
-Location: Portland Maine

-5 Favorte:
Bands: Animal Suit Driveby, Letter Kills, Jack Johnson, In The Arms of Providnce, Kill Hannah
Books: Bright Lights Big City, Lady Knight, Romeo and Juliet, Wild Magic, Harry Potter #5
Movies: Empire Records, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, SLC Punk, The Little Mermaid
Songs: Sugar Pills - Animal Suit Driveby, Me vs Madonna vs Elvis - Brand New, Addicted to the Knife - Vacationland, Armchair Advocate - Rocktopus

-2 Favorite
Instruments: Guitar, Ukelele
Foods: Mashed Potatos, Cotten Candy (does sugar and air really count as a food..?)
Drinks: Vanilla Latte, Coffee Frappe (every word in that answer has a double letter set, how spiffy)
Lyric: "I miss you jagged lips bent round a cigarette" ~ ASD
"Got to be good lookin cause he's so hard to see" The Beatles

Random Questions:
Which is better? The Mars Volta or The Blood Brothers...  Blood Brothers
What's your most scene piece of clothing? my kickass Animal Suit Driveby Track Jackettt
Favorite memory? torn between local concert memories and snowboard competiton memories
What was your first kiss like? Awesome, outside a concert, in the rain, with a complete stranger
Greatest scene moment? psh, moment? My whole life
Why should you be accepeted? because i like the little mermaid, and i bake some mean brownies

Promote to 1 place (yes we will check) [link]: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_deliciouslyemo/

Dont tell me you dont eat straight hot chocolate mix...

Me and my Kitty

looking distorted?



Such a scene snowboarder

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